To express one's feelings and emotions through a medium, or action
He is outputting his happiness through a guitar.

She is outputting her rage by cooking.
by Billy Thai January 1, 2009
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The unconscious comments made while a gamer is completely engrossed in a video game.
"Don't take his words seriously. It's just gamer's output."
by DictionGary July 19, 2018
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Basically, hp/liter or hp/cubic inch. The actual, correct term for the 'hp/liter' rating of an engine is specific output, but most ignorant rice-boys do not know this, because they are ignorant.

While it may be nice to have an engine with a specific output of 100hp/liter, realize that for performance, specific output is meaningless. Power-to-weight ratio is what counts. Which is exactly why a Boss 351 Mustang, even with its pathetic 57hp/liter, is still faster than a Supra Turbo. May not corner as well, but it is faster nonetheless. Also, they cost about $35,000 less originally.
Ricer: Ha ha. My S2000 has 107hp/liter, therefor it is superior to your inefficient old Corvette Stingray.

Me: True, your specific output is higher, but my car still has 198 more hp and weighs not much more. Which would explain why you were 1 second behind me back at the drag strip.

Ricer: Damn you, Vette guy. For I have been defeated... But beware, for I shall return next week, when my NOS kit has been installed. Ahahahahaha!

Me: Well, that's nice, cuase I'm getting a 572 crate engine installed next week, believe it or not. Yep, 620hp... That should be a fun match.

Ricer: *Gulp.* Um, yeah about that. Come to think of it, I kinda had a wedding that I had to go to next week, so... bye. *Runs off.*

Me: Um, hey man! You left your car! Um, ok... Well, that was interesting.
by 123123123 February 25, 2006
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A HOE who is constantly turning out new looks, who is a trendsetter and who is fully booked!!!
Tyra Sanchez wishes she could be an Output HOE like other queens but she is too busy making posters and spending the money she collected for "Drag Dad," a documentary she funded through Kickstarter but never made!
by DragcentricDeb September 25, 2017
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when you dont want people to know you have diarrhea you call it increased stool output or ISO for short
oh man after i ate that burrito yesterday i had increased stool output for hours!
by nympsued July 25, 2009
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