Example: You better bring yo ass back over here before I beat ya!....
by Fenakee November 14, 2002
what happened? yo ass
by twizchz March 4, 2011
Being in a bad situation and informing someone had messed up.
Bruh, you impregnated my sister that's yo ass for messing up man that's not okay
by Nachoz1415 November 6, 2017
an answer to any question that annoys you in any way (can be linked with the subject of the question)
ex 1: (what's the time?) yo' ass o'clock.
ex 2: (what's your name?) yo' ass.
ex 3: (... what do you think?) YO' ASS.
by Piece_of_Flint June 27, 2006
inside of one's inner anal cavity, usually used in prison
by B. Z. August 30, 2005
I toad yo ass
i toad yo ass
by kneegero November 6, 2019
Person 1: Let's play Black Ops, bro
Person 2:, Cool, I'm, gonna whip yo ass
by lol-chickens February 18, 2014