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7 definitions by Wonderboy

Getting behind someone and using a thrust motion
Hey everyone I'm giving Billy a thrustjonathon without his knowledge of the fact!
by Wonderboy February 26, 2005
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A common term in Texas and surounding states for a manmade lake.
by Wonderboy April 22, 2003
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means:- bein a redneck slob caught by standing near hillbillies to long or seeing britney spears with her boi
too long on the television.
by Wonderboy February 27, 2005
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"You can't have a car until you show more responsibility!" - The Parents

"WTF?! All I do all day is sleep!" - Me
by Wonderboy July 30, 2004
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A trucker's term for a prostitute that works truck stops.
"That TA is loaded with lot lizards"
by Wonderboy April 22, 2003
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A book of many words; not to be read as a regular book of leisure, poses much fun if used for this though. especially when you get to the prefixes and suffixes. YEH!
Aardvark, aardwolf and aaron went on a walk on Ab to the abaca tree. they were taken aback by the giant abacus in front of them, they looked abaft to the abalone in the sea, then they abandoned ship. and i abate them all
by Wonderboy March 31, 2005
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