V- A complete insult. It is implying that the person directed at is a stupid ignorant ass-whole who couldnt get through 2nd grade.
by fofmister August 17, 2006
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Bush claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He was wrong!!! What a goof!!! He just wants oil so he can be rich!!!
by Gorak July 11, 2003
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The most horrific yet awesome pet name for a vagina.
Her President Bush is makin' my soldier SALUTE! Yeeeaaaah boi!
by therealrec October 3, 2010
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Viscous -- as in oily.
President Bush, the well-oiled machine of Satan, aka The Dick, will enlist you as soon as he gets orders from his Superiors.
by ganchar July 16, 2006
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Synonym for "retarded Texan who misleads his country into war for the personal benefits of his partners and him"
President Bush is a lying douche. Hang him now.
by Thrash Attack Zack March 31, 2007
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Greedy, neoconservative, unconscious, ignorant fascist who is pulling the wool over a lot of conservative leaning fools.
Man #1: President Bush is a greedy, lying asshole, huh?
Woman #1: Yup! f&*k him!
by El Muneco March 5, 2005
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