Something which two humans do to one another in an painful procedure which can result in unpleasentness.
Guy - OMFG! She blamed me for cheating on her! waaa...
by The Koaladude September 12, 2005
to put all of the consequences unto another person. Usually to get yourself out of trouble.
Teacher "Who poo'd all over the floor?"
Child, "I blame Jimmy!"
by Philip George September 19, 2005
The game Americans like to play because nobody wants to take responsibility on anything.
Politicians and basically everyone else in our society like to play the blame game.
by July 26, 2008
Early 70's american ghetto slang for something that is good, an alternative to 'fly' or 'phat'.
TD: Hey man, what d'you think of ma new threads, man?

BP: Whoa, my man, them threads be blame!
by Tommy Dangerous April 9, 2012
An unfounded accusation; Assigning ownership of an effect without conclusive or definitive evidence that corresponds to the cause; Finger-pointing.
"Blame" is a quick and easy method to assign responsibility consistent with a particular agenda by jumping to conclusions based on assumptions rather than facts; As such, "blame" is more commonly observed where the ability to apply logic or reason is inhibited, i.e. less sophisticated settings , less (emotionally) developed persons .
by dexmcgee October 19, 2015
1. To hold responsible; find fault with; censure.
2. To place the responsibility for ( a fault, error, etc.)
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me" because I know who I am and what I think and feel when I say and do things. So I don't care that you all placed the blame on me for everything that went wrong, it's okay but now you must live with that decision and that excludes me EVER wanting ANYTHING to do with ANY OF YOU...EVER.
by Goddess12* December 22, 2013
The act of blazing and then proceeding to game, typically playing Call of Duty Black Opps Online. See Gaming
Whats that One way cunt up to tonight? Blameing at Leightons I think. Oh really? Ooooo the way!!
by WhistlingBob June 20, 2011