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The only politically oppressed minority group still being discriminated against by corporate America.
Equal opportunity is for morons, liars, and thieves only. Never hire a competent Individual because next to them you will appear stupid. These people should never be allowed a job interview.
by Spiritual-Master January 5, 2022
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The place where a person's highest legal authority has a permanent residency. A man cannot be without a domicile, for he is not supposed to have abandoned his last domicil until he has acquired a new one. Though by the Roman law a man might abandon his domicil, and, until he acquired a. new one, he was without a domicile. By fixing his residence at two different places a man may have two domiciles at one and the same time; for example, The Holy Okie "Lord Bud" being only spiritually alive cannot be expected to change his permanent Oklahoma residency on his personal documents because it would be unlawful to do so. The living fleshy temple given to him by his Son Christ Bob has a Texas residency at the "Okie Embassy" used as the Headquarters for the "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation." Even though Lord Bud was Birthed in Texas he has become a foreigner in his own society. He is from Texas but not of Texas for having retired permanently in Oklahoma he is permanently the Holy Okie. It is what it is and this is the truth. Lord Bud has every intention of haunting the Plantation forever with his Holy ghost.
Christ Bob: Because my spiritual public defender "Lord Bud" has a permanent residency in Oklahoma the "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation" has become my Legal Domicile even when I am at the Plantation's headquarters in Warren City Texas. This holds it true that Both Texas and Oklahoma are in Unity under my one true living God's authority over me. United under God!
by Spiritual-Master January 27, 2022
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Your unreported side hustle. The secret moonlighting you participate in.
My private occupation is working as a blackberry picker on the Top-secret "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation."
by Spiritual-Master December 27, 2022
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A movie set in 2050

A time-traveling Judge "Lord Bud" said to have used his influence in the NACLU New American civil liberties union Frees Tom petty from earthly fame and changes his name to Pom Teddy And enslaves him for a supposedly 22-day-stay in county vacation Picking Blackberries on a Blackberry Plantation to earn a Queensbury Parden for the Federal crime of Trespass. But was then found guilty of Singing about a federally regulated substance in the song Mary Jane's last dance, In an obviously Rigged Trial, and given a hard-two-Dozen Picking Blackberries in the hot sun (LAKE OF FIRE) put in involuntary servitude ghostwriting songs for a super narcissistic loudmouthed troll son of the plantation owner himself RAM Bob. Pom Teddy is smooth and steady and carries the show from a position of the lowest ranking of the roadies. Bob needs to lose the Horns on his head to become a polled RAM and be called Bob Christ. Free of RAM who is the evil argumentative head butting persona that shows up when the title Christ is dropped off the name. When He is RAM BOB the father also becomes a malevolent mean-spirited Black foot Redneck Leprechaun. When he is Bob Christ the father is The Honorable Respectful Lord Bud. Secretly all are working to lure RAM BOB into a thorny crown of Blackberry vines so Isaac and Bud can cut the horns off.

Blessings, respect, and love to all without Prejudice from Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation
The example is set in 2028 Six years from now.

Bill Burr: Hey Jeff "have you seen the movie Celestial Navigator 2050?"

Jeff Foxworthy: No I cannot say redneck for 5 years until that movie comes out in 2033 because Holy Okie "Lord Bud" is also the Orwellian totalitarian Tyrant Blackfoot Redneck Leprechaun and you know he doesn't have any clothes on.
by Spiritual-Master February 4, 2022
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The decriminalization of every known criminal activity, so that nothing is illegal. This also creates a lawless society. Nothing is illegal in a lawless society.
Only an act of God's will can save us from Democratic Crime Reduction. The best democrat is a dead one, and I died 22 years ago. Let us elect my Holy Okie Godfather "Lord Bud" A real spiritual voice of reason.
by Spiritual-Master January 7, 2022
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Basic Human Rights Mandate.

The best possible universal mandate that could ever be signed into law. This should be taken straight to the top of all governments worldwide bypassing every bureaucratic producer of red tape including the senate and congress. All Monarchs, czars, emperors, noblemen, and Women of all titles should implement this mandate without delay. Consider it a passed ACT and act accordingly.
Lord Bud: My private Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation has adopted a new mandate known as the Basic Human Rights Mandate or the universal BHRM act.
by Spiritual-Master January 28, 2022
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The handle is used by an Urban Dictionary contributor whose knowledge of prison life is suspected not to be firsthand. His trespass into the Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation was unintentional and the Holy Okie rewarded his bold nature with the new kingdom's first full pardon now known as the "Queensbury Parden" twenty-two Blackberry futures were issued because His definitions landed on a magic number 44. He is the first to receive a Quarter in change.
George Washington: Hey ben I heard that Queensbury kid stumbled into the Leprechauns Oklahoma Blackberry Jurisdiction. Was he fined for criminal trespass?

Benjamin Franklin: No he managed to get a laugh out of the judge and was granted a "Queensbury Parden" 22 Blackberry Futures just for pursuing happiness go figure. The first to get the quarter as change. That quarter still has your image on it, George.
by Spiritual-Master January 27, 2022
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