A female who engages in countless sexual activities with many different people,inlcuded,but not limited to; coworkers,classmates,bosses,friends,etc....
Man,I hate that girl Jaimey,she's a real slaughter!
by D.A./Duracell June 24, 2005
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1. A town in Texas which, contrary to its name, has never had a single homocide.

2. You can't spell it without "Laughter."
1. Nobody got killed there.

2. "You can't spell "slaughter" without "laughter!"
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1.to have insane sex with someone

That meegan got slaughtered five times on friday night it was crazyyy.
by tbirdvatos November 13, 2008
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1. to eat something in such a manner that is considered greedy or fast

2. a manner to eat something while being famished
Tom: I got 2 hotdogs
Bob: ::steals hotdogs::
Tom: Where's my dogs?
Bob: Oh,...son...I slaughtered dem...
Tom: ::in a white voice:: damnit!
by goolie oolie September 17, 2006
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When your totally fuckin shit faced, then you have a few more...
Omg jonny was so slaughtered at the partay!
by Baybee December 03, 2003
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