34 definitions by Durango

Dorky and geeky. Can be loud and trying to be cool while everyone is laughing at his or her face. Billy Mays
Billy Mays is so gorky that he yells everything he says in his commercials.
by Durango April 23, 2006
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A fat guy who gets ran over by a truck.
In Final Fantasy VII, Palmer is a fat guy who gets ran over by a truck.
by Durango January 25, 2007
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The common misconception that Chinese Jews were behind the bombing of Pearl harbor
When I asked J J . Who bombed Pearl Harbor? He said.”I blame The Chews
by Durango August 20, 2019
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An online gamer's worst nightmare. It's what happens when a good player gets killed more than he's supposed to, or when a bad player gets more kills than he's supposed to. Only elitist jackasses come close to the evil known as lag.
The professional player could not headshot the newcomer very well because the newcomer was lagging.

The n00b blamed the other player for lagging when he was getting slaughtered.
by Durango September 3, 2006
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The awesome catchphrase used by Quinton Flynn playing his role as Axel in the video game Kingdom Hearts II.
Got it memorized?
by Durango September 20, 2006
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Evil incarnate. Part of the Unholy Trinity, along with Tubgirl and Goatse.
When life hands you lemons, throw a lemon party!
by Durango November 2, 2006
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Shortened for deus ex machina, a term used to describe sudden plot twists in works of anime, movies, and other stories, normally involving a hero's fight against a villain, and favoring the hero, allowing him to win by otherwise unused methods within that fight.
DEM normally involves the hero getting beaten to a pulp until somehow ascends in power and uses that to destroy the villain in a matter of one or two hits.
by Durango October 17, 2007
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