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A Namekian. Son of Piccolo Daimou. Originated in the anime and manga Dragon Ball. Formerly Goku's rival, he was forced to join forces with him when Raditz, a Saiyan from the planet, Vegeta, invaded Earth. Killing Goku and Raditz in one decisive blow, Raditz warned everyone that two Saiyans would appear on Earth in one year. Piccolo took Gohan, Goku's son, and trained him to become a strong warrior.

Through the series, Piccolo went from a bad guy to defeat Goku to a hero with a strong, unshakable will. He battled some of the major villains in Dragon Ball Z, including Frieza, Cell, and some of the movie villains as well.
Piccolo is capable of strong abilities such as the Special Beam Cannon and the Hellzon Grenade. In addition to his strong fighting ability, he also has the ability to regenerate any limbs he loses in battle.
by Durango February 1, 2007
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Metal Gear Online, the Online feature for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.
Wanna play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Rescure, Sneaking, or Capture in MGO?
by Durango June 3, 2006
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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, while not inherently a bad game, is a pathetic disgrace compared to its PlayStation predecessor, Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). FFT was a masterpiece, bringing in a brilliant political story of two princes at war for who shall rule the land of Ivalice, full of betrayal, death, and romance. The game's battle system was not similar to Final Fantasy, except for the classes. Everything else was different and more like a Strategy/RPG, where you move characters. You get Job Points from making an action, and that's what powers up your class. The game also had an epic soundtrack, easily one of the best on the PlayStation.

What Final Fantasy Tactics Advance did to the FFT name is disgraceful beyond words. Take four kids, let them play with snowballs in the town, then they get a magic book, and go into a fantasy world. While most of the kids enjoy their life in the land of Ivalice, one kid is upset that he is in a land he doesn't belong in. Thus, he goes on his one-dimensional quest to find his friends and bring them back to reality. 1 kid talks about going back home, the others don't want to. That's the level of character development. The game was made to appeal to kids, perhaps in order to attract more money from its buyers. The soundtrack was composed to be catchy, ruining FFT's grounds of an epic score of music. As for the battle system, make it 1.5x slower, take away special moves from each class (like Toad, Poison, Flare, and Death for Black Mage) and put in their place the most useless, unnecessary classes you'll ever find in a game like this. Some of these classes are broken, to the point that it makes the game lose the rest of what little challenge it had.

In light of this disgrace to the original FFT, it is appopriate that, whenever a discussion of FFTA ensues, anyone who realized this can say, "Lol FFTA", mocking the little effort that went into the game for its complete inability to live up to its prequel.
"Which is better? FFT or FFTA?"
"Lol FFTA. Play the original."
by Durango January 3, 2006
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The above definition, plus:
To me truly mcguyverable, you need to fix things while sporting a mullet and acid washed jeans.
by Durango May 13, 2003
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Dorky and geeky. Can be loud and trying to be cool while everyone is laughing at his or her face. Billy Mays
Billy Mays is so gorky that he yells everything he says in his commercials.
by Durango April 23, 2006
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The common misconception that Chinese Jews were behind the bombing of Pearl harbor
When I asked J J . Who bombed Pearl Harbor? He said.”I blame The Chews
by Durango August 20, 2019
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An online gamer's worst nightmare. It's what happens when a good player gets killed more than he's supposed to, or when a bad player gets more kills than he's supposed to. Only elitist jackasses come close to the evil known as lag.
The professional player could not headshot the newcomer very well because the newcomer was lagging.

The n00b blamed the other player for lagging when he was getting slaughtered.
by Durango September 3, 2006
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