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Well, knowing that anyone in their right mind wouldn't look up "Hi" in the U.D., I can safely assume you did it for one of these reasons:

1) Your parent/roomate just walked in and you were looking up something that was very innapropriate for the time being.

2) You were just masturbating to some of the free erotica on this site, and in that case, just go back to what you were doing: sex story.

3) You aren't in your right mind and should go see a therapist.

4) You are extremely bored.

5) You are an alien from a parallel universe and would like to study the various aspects of human culture. One of them being the complex greeting system.

6) You tried looking up ho or bi but misspelled it.
Person 1: "So I was like looking at like this thing on UrbanDictionary last night when my parent walked in. I like typed in 'hi' and when my parent asked what I was doing, and I told her I was looking up 'hi' on UrbanDictionary. She then looked at my history and saw that I looked up 'tramp.' It was so hilarious the look on her face!"

Person 2: "ZOMG!! That's so ridiculous. I would have gotten grounded!"
by Nyan! October 19, 2014
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synonyms include:

hola, hello, howdy, greetings, cheerio, whats crack-a-lackin, yo, how do you do, good morrow, guten tag, bonjour, good day, top o the morning, sup, hey, heyyyyy, aloha, hi-ya, whats happening, howdy-do, salutations, good morning, g'day, ciao, salute, hallo, what's the dizzle, shalom, whats poppin, long time no see, hi there, rise and shine, good to see ya, whats in the bag, whats the dilly, namaste, hows ur dog, ello ello, holla, howzit, heya, whoopee, cuckoo, whats up homegirl, hey home slice, wassup bro, look what the cat dragged in, nice to meet you, wotcha, gidday, hows it hangin, how ya goin, wassap, hey sisters, whats cooking, hi goose, wats shaking, well hellooo, huh, yoo-hoo, whats going down, how are things, hows life, its a pleasure to meet you, whats the scene, what it be, whats the haps, whats the rumpus, allo, ahoy, egad, hurrah, ouch, yeet, look who it is, whats a-ringin, alright me babber, bonsoir, cooee, what it is, whats clickin, ahem, *cough cough*, um, amen, regards, compliments, wotcher, blimey, haiii, whats the dillio, mwah, hug?, What's occurring, heaven-o, wassuuuuuuuuuup, well met, ay up me duck, ayo, peace, bloody hell, hows everything, konichiwa, whats up doc,

thank you for reading my wonderful compilation of synonyms. If you didn't read them all then please do because my hands hurt from typing.


goodbye my children

Please approve this we’ve already been rejected
by Lasagna is better February 08, 2019
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The greeting word you use when some has said "hey" but you don't want to say the same word so you say "hi" instead
a person you know: hey
you: *types hey* *then realizes that they've already said that* *slight panic* *erases hey from vocabulary* *thinks for 2 seconds* *plays it cool by typing "hi"* *waits couple minutes to send* *sends text* *thinks crisis is averted but knows that this will only keep happening* *cries inside* *question life choices* *walks out of room and talks to people* *act as if you good when really you know this dilemma could've gotten you killed* *sip drink*
by Wild Owls Sienna August 08, 2016
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