duude that chicks face is dodge

id watch out for that chiken roll food here is dodge
by addicted92 November 28, 2010
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a place everyone wants to get the hell out of..
"nobody that graduates from my school goes to an out of state college. fuck that, i'm getting the hell out of dodge..."

no, dodge is not the name of my town. it's just an expression
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johnny: where ya from?
dave: Dodge
johnny: oh, Im sorry...
by lostreign June 27, 2006
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A name for a rather strange human, usually male who harbours a rather perculiar liking for farting in the company of others, and inappropriate moments ie during sex, and while at church.
Te farting are also usually accompanied by a rather unattractive facial expression.
Your in bed, about to get dodwn n dirty when your male partner does a "dodge" and farts, followed by him exclaiming, rather loudly "ooopppps"!
by Emma-Louise August 28, 2006
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can be used for in place of any word that you could still comprehend context
"I keep spare dodge in my pocket"
"Irina's on dodge"
"Dodge helps Allie get quick"
"Erin tastes better when shes on dodge"
by Thumper May 30, 2004
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(1)manufacturer of the "Decrepit", a full-size sedan notorious for making more road noise than a go cart, cheap ass plastic that breaks during standard use, eats brake pads and linings like they were marshmallows.
(2) see "Check Engine".
If you want to get to know your car repairman on a first-name basis, buy a Dodge.
by Rick August 8, 2003
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Acronym for Drips On Driveway Greese Everywhere
My dodge is the leakest P.O.S. ever.
I resurfaced my drive way with the leaks that come from my dodge.
My dodge leaks so much its parking space has become a super fund site.
John Kerry drives a dodge.
by fuji_302 October 15, 2004
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