UK slang for a large combat-style Knife such as one seen in a Rambo movie.
by Massive log July 22, 2018
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Picture this, a lone guy in the middle of a forest facing atleast 50 guys. Okay now imagine the manliest guy you can think of, multiply it by 10 and you get rambo.
Give rambo a toothpick and a plastic screwdriver and he will mess up an entire army.
by Not Zane September 10, 2004
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To carry out a lone, all out assault against superior numbers, and live. Mostly seen in first person shooter games on the internet.
"That dude just went Rambo against those 4 guys, and fragged them all!"
by !DotU!_{McQueen} July 31, 2005
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Rambo removed the man's throat by hand.

Rambo killed more than 200 men with a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun.

by Charles Saucedoom February 23, 2008
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Rambo is a term that is consistently becoming widely used across the nation. Coined by a young binge drinking character from Colorado, the belief is that it is the stage in which an individual is one drink away from blacking out drunk. This level of prestigious inebriation often results in a desire to destroy shit, fight people, and have an all around grand time.
Spencer "What are you doing tonight?"
Jaime: "I'm gonna get rambo and break some shit!"
Spencer: "HELL YA!!"
by breckrambo09 April 30, 2009
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The ULTIMATE American soldier. Piss him off, and pray to God that Rambo might kill you in a less painful manner.
Rambo 2 is the best movie of the series.
by AYB June 24, 2003
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hard ass vietnam vet who will put a cap in your ass before you can get on your knees to beg for your life
by vietnam October 22, 2003
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