get on your knees: women kneels over, places herself in position where she is on her knees, unzips males pantaloons and thus gives oral sex.
by bazbear March 2, 2011
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When your wife/husband disobeys you and you need to deal with it so u tell him/her to get on their knees and u spank them and also make out with them and give them pleasure👈 well im not sure if this one actually happens. Listen guys and girls don't do this as abuse but rather do it as love enjoyment NOT ABUSE ENJOYMENT
Wife: You have been a really bad boy u always put the salt on the high shelf everyday when you are suppose to put it on the kitchen table like i ask that's it Get on your knees.

Husband: Im so sorry babe
Wife: Sorry won't fix it this time and address me as ma'am whenever i order you to get on your knees.
Husband: Apologies yes ma'am
Wife: good boy. Im gonna enjoy this 😏

Husband: why do u keep putting your shoes at the front of the door im always tripping on it. Well like you did to me last week im gonna have to do it to you Get on your knees.
Wife: yes babe i'll do it for you
Husband: ah i see you too have forgotten the rule. Call me SIR

Wife: oh i'm really really sorry sir am i gonna get extra more spanks than i did to you last week?
Husband: yep 😁😏
by Mike the quiet one November 26, 2021
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The thing most middle-high school thots do to most guys at school because they think it makes them quirky but just end up getting an STD
Did you hear brad told thot name "get on your knees" to suck him off brad the other day? guess they both didn't hear he had HIV"
by FuckenCasual February 5, 2021
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the act of the male tellin the girl shes worth no more then to suck his dick and or saying you are a whore n good at it
Tiff: ur gay
sean: Bitch please, get on your knees and suck it
by Dirty knees June 17, 2008
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anyone who gets on their knees to preform oral sex on a male
yo you been around the block. you be getting your knees dirty.
by Tazmanian devil May 19, 2006
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Administering oral sex in an outdoor space (on grass)
the saying refers to getting your knees wet on wet grass when giving head.
the saying can been changed to refer to past, present or future tenses.
" the bitch got her knees wet last night"
"aww yeah get your knees wet!"
"your getting your knees wet"
"hey wanna go get your knees wet?"
by will janes November 13, 2007
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The plea to get off and let one rise to their potential.
I can be all I can be if you " Get your knee off my neck "!
by Ronny James June 6, 2020
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