The best boyfriend you will ever have. He's nice,smart,athletic,and very loyal. He knows how to make a girl smile. He is very understanding.
Woah is that Spencer?
by Alexis Malin February 24, 2017
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A guy that has eyes that can make you melt in 5 seconds. Really nice to girls, but too nice. Great guy, will be your best bud. He's cool with everyone and likes to give out hi-fives and fist bumps. Usually into sports, like soccer.
Hey whats up. I love soccer. My name is Spencer. I love basketball too.
by I LIKE SPENCER September 11, 2013
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a great human who is literally so dank that you has never done anything better than the dank master
Friend: Spencer is sooooo dank bro
Spencer: ikr im the dank master
Friend: ayyy yo did you know Spencer is the definition of dank
by iamcool31153115 November 13, 2020
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Spencer can be a boy or girl name, more commonly for a boy and they are usually intelligent, compassionate and can be aggressive but always have good intentions.
Spencer is so smart and sweet
by KittyKat26 June 5, 2016
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A really genuine guy. By far the most impressive guy you could meet. His qualities consist of being intelligent, clever, agressive, creative, and loving. Spencer knows how to compose a hell of a song, and shreds on his guitar like its the last thing he'll do. Don't be surprised if you see him on tv one day. Did I mention he's a sexy son of a gun. Roughly around 6ft tall, with a built body. Watch out when you're around Spencer because sometimes he gets fiesty and will whip you with that big shlong of his. Aside from that, he honestly is the perfectly imperfect guy for that one special girl.
Girl: "Hey Spencer?"

Spencer: "What?"

Girl: "I love you."

Spencer: "I love you too."

Friend 1: "Spencer is the best, he has a larger penis than me, not to mention a super hot gf."

Chuck Norris: "Spencer, you crazy mothafucka. I'll beat you one day."
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An asshole who will make you as happy has possible for almost 6 months then leave you for 3 girls that are way out of his league. One of the girl's cousins is the reason why you went through therapy for an entire year.
Friend 1: Damn, you really got hurt by Spencer.
Friend 2: Yea, he really turned into an ass. I thought you two were perfect. His whole family loved you.
by a salty ex May 19, 2018
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An awesome kid who dominates everyone. Described as God or the Almighty King. Extremely good looking and very smart. In great shape, and can beat up anyone. Average 6 foot, 180 lbs. Someone you do not want to mess with.
"Who is the kid that beat Chuck Norris in a fight?"

"I heard that someone hit a 590 ft. home-run?
-O yea, it was Spencer.

"Did you hear that Spencer swam across the Pacific Ocean?"
-Yea I heard. He also just won the Nobel Peace Prize.
by BigDigg June 5, 2009
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