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One of the best songs i've ever heard in my life.

Among one of the worst movies I have ever watched in my life, and thats saying alot.

All of my friends get mad at me because they dont understand what a horrible movie it is.
American Pie sucks, dude. - Confucius in one of his insightful quotations.
by Not Zane July 21, 2004
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Its been disputed since the dawn of the internet where our form of grammar and spelling was tainted.

I have the answer. And the answer in question is AOL instant messenger.

Yeah, AOL is a virus within itself.

Macho Man Randy Savage approves of this message.
by Not Zane September 5, 2004
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It means you're freaking ripped. Wood = hard = carved = chisled = ripped. Common sense for the win! However; if you are carved out of wood, be prepared to immolate easily.
To be carved out of wood, one must lift weights, and do pushups regularly. Definately not for the lazy/impatient.
by Not Zane September 9, 2004
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A movie that looks like it sucks. Probably another Tank girl type of movie. See: Trainwreck
My friends will be paying 7.50 just to go and see Hally Barry, even though the movie will suck.

by Not Zane July 23, 2004
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A place where one gets ripped off.
"Yo homie, I just bizzought this sword right here for 300 dollars. Let me just unsheathe it out of the scabbard--- why is it falling apart?"
by Not Zane September 17, 2004
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See: Elmo Music

The highly gifted, and tragically afflicted, red haired person that we all have grown to love.
Elmo is a member of the NRA.
by Not Zane July 22, 2004
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Elmo music is the archetype of which emo music started.

It started off when elmo sang the ABC song, a highly musical and emotional form of the song that we all know, and were taught, in kindergarten.

Elmo's actual name is Thomas O'Callaghan, an immigrant from Ireland, he started out as a highly disturbed child growing up on the lonely streets of ireland, he was ridiculed by the kids, daily. He never knew his parents. It was documented that Callaghan got into many knife fights, and was often put in jail for his rough conduct. After a year of misconduct, he was adopted by a man by the name of Joan Ganz Cooney, otherwise known as the infamous creator of Sesame Street.

As a young boy he was afflicted from a rare and horrible condition called El Cabello Rojo, translated literally, means the Red hair in spanish.

Elmo was afflicted with another rare disease where his scrotum did not grow properly, hence his high toned voice. Despite these setbacks, elmo took a career into singing with the help of Joan Ganz Cooney who took him under his wing, and gave him financial support.

Elmo enjoyed a long and prosperous career and became a worldwide known singer. His albums topped the charts at regular intervals, one of his greatest songs, "Baby, the ABC's arent good enough for me" was Number 1 in 1972 for 3 months.

Sesame street was his best career he ever undertook, with such classics as, "The ABC song" and "How to tie your shoe"

Elmo is still very alive today, although retired from sesame street, he is an active member of the NRA and donates regularly to the give.org foundation, he once stated in a Denver Colorado convention "We cannot, we must not, turn to violence, a gentleman must allow his words to do his fighting. But whenever my family is in danger, and when there is no other alternative, I know that my Desert Eagle 50 Action Express will serve me best."

Indeed, elmo music did inspire emo music, as it inspires me, and you, to do our best, through singing, and overcoming obstacles.
1975: Elmos greatest hits.

Dedicated in memory of Big Bird. 1969-2004.
by Not Zane July 22, 2004
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