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UK slang for "To pull out" Generally referring to weapons such as guns or knifes.
Lemme Back out thewap
by Massive log July 22, 2018
A balloon filled with nitrous oxide (NOS) That is inhaled as a recreational drug
Im buying some loons tonight
by Massive log February 8, 2019
Used by uk roadmen during the process of mugging someone
Roadman:"yo fam I like your bag can I try it on?"
by Massive log January 12, 2019
Slang for Cocaine in the UK and originated from the word "hoover" that is a description of how cocaine is consumed.
"Lemme grab an 8 ball of koover"
by Massive log February 20, 2019
1. Rest in peace (Respectful wish to someone who has died)
2. Rest in piss (Disrespect to someone who has died.)
1. Heard you Nan had died. RIP
2. That dickheads finally dead. Rest in piss.
by Massive log July 22, 2018
Used in the UK and is an abbreviation of "gang member" often used to describe rival gangs or others from within the speakers own gang.
Type 1:"there a couple of GMs on their strip"
Type 2:"I'll slide round there with my GM."
by Massive log April 12, 2019