VERB: To approach a task with great energy or intensity.
I know the term paper is due tomorrow, I'm just gonna Rambo it tonight.
by The Demon Prince October 2, 2006
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Adj. to all out punish some one;to beat them up; someone who is a great fighter; to pwn ex. In The Patriot, Mel goes and Rambos Everyone


Chuck Norris is a rambo

Dude! that gang just tried to jump me and I totally Ramboed them!

(during a fight) Help me out! there Ramboing me!

by Kevinxmaa October 17, 2008
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A type of Knife or dagger

typically used as a weapon and by "roadmans"
"we bout to do dis ting yeah. you man bring your rambos yeah"
by multicolouredrainbow October 15, 2014
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Slang used in England for a large machete usually for intimidation or murder
“Fam he pulled a rambo and ack he wasn’t gardening
by Ja.Y June 16, 2018
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A Rambo is slang (Mainly used in England) for a large knife/ machete.
by Hey boooooooss January 29, 2019
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Someone who expertly navigates the performance of a bet such that seemingly insidious performance requirements are evaded.
by DieMothaFuckaDie October 27, 2015
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