acknowledging the 'god' (multi-religion) and/or 'jesus' of something.
i pray to those new mcfoolsley guitars!

i pray to that german chocolate cake!

i pray to that bitch's gear!
by michael foolsley December 8, 2009
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To express a solemn but ineffectual request of a temporary nullification of the universe’s laws, especially to an imaginary being of infinite power.
Charles prayed that he would pass math class, but he still finished with a 34%.
by Atheon February 22, 2019
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The most popular method of preparing for a multiple choice test for people who lack the self discipline to actually study.
Did you study?

Of course not, but I am praying.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx November 2, 2020
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A word used when Christian people on Facebook want to virtue signal to other Christian people on Facebook and is usually employed during a health, marriage or financial crisis. People don't actually engage in the activity the word implies. Sometimes used as a technique to spread online gossip disguised as a prayer request. It's the Christian version of wishing someone good luck.
Poster 1:. " My Uncle just lost his job and his truck was stolen! He needs a miracle. Also his wife left him.'

Poster 2: ""Praying!"

Poster 1: "My sister's friend found out her husband is dressing in her clothes. Let's give the devil a black eye by praying for his salvation and deliverance from perversion. He works at the pharmacy ."

Poster 2: "Praying!"

Poster 3: "Praying"

Poster 4: "Praying"

Poster 5:. "Which pharmacy?"
by DMGOLD69 August 18, 2021
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To speak with God; ask him questions, express your heart and plead your case.
He prayed that as he stood in court, God would soften the judge's firm heart.
by Author S. M. L July 6, 2018
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Something people do to pretend that their apathy is really concern. Also known as "I could care less what happens to you unless it affects me directly, but I don't want anyone to think I'm the craven, spineless self-absorbed weasel I really am." Mostly promised in lieu of actual help.
My grandmother's friend knows that I have a rare blood type and have only a 9% chance of finding a kidney for transplant, but instead of trying to help me avoid a lifetime of dialysis by asking her fellow churchgoers to get tested for crossmatch, she is afraid of "offending" someone by asking, and believes that sending me a worthless little card depicting a no-name saint and a promise to pray for me, ensuring me a much shorter lifespan, largely consisting of sleeping and sitting for 12 hours a week watching my blood go in and out of my body is just as good as asking for donors and that it will help me obtain a kidney. What a joke.
by Chandra February 17, 2005
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N. 1 To talk to God 2 Get down on your knees and ask God for forgiveness
"Why do so many people pray to God on Sunday.......his day off......."
by Ryan September 9, 2004
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