A person who talks and talks and talks and talks (seemingly without the need to take breathes) and kills everyone's ears.

A rambler.

Typically, if you're talking about something that they are extremely interested in then they will talk circles around you.
Person 1: "And then Becky said that Lisa said that she liked me but she didn't really like me like talking about it, but she liked as in if we were trapped on a desert island I would have a chance, but only if I were the only person on the island I MEAN if I were the only male person on the island and she was on the island I would have a chance because she would give me a chance because I am a guy and she's..."
Person 2: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down, Rambo!"

Person: "Jeez! Rambo over there won't stop talking for s**t!"
by Red.Orchestra April 5, 2009
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A guy who makes a ton of money.
Man, the guy is a Rambo. I am telling you, he pulled a 1mil bonus last year, bought a 150 thou.Porsche Carrera Turbo.
by George the nerd November 10, 2006
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A fictional Hollywood hero who portrays Vietnam veterans as maladapted losers, played by a steroidal actor who avoided the draft and dropped out of special ed in the 10th grade.
In a fit of rage brought on by post- traumatic stress disorder, haunting nightmares of bedwetting through age 12, and his seeming inability to enunciate words in excess of two syllables Rambo repeatedly thrust his fecal coated bayonet into the belly of the greedy industrialist who made his fortune by polluting the environment and clubbing baby harp seals to death for their soft, downy fur.
by harry flashman July 15, 2003
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when a man ejaculates around the circumferance of a womans head to resemble john rambo's bandana
last thursday, the way that bitch carrol was sucking my dick was beginig to piss me off. so i gave ass a rambo.
by heath pleasure July 11, 2008
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Action powerhouse movie starring slyvester stallone about a Vietnam veteran who is forced out of a town. Using his advanced military techniques, Rambo manages to fight off the entire police force of a few towns utilising his bare hands, a dead cow, and a machine gun with seemingly unlimited amunition.
"You might have superior numbers, but I'm rambo!"

"Oh shit!"
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
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1. A kick-ass hero to Americans , afghans and to south-vietnamese.

2. A nightmare to communists such as: soviet russians , north vietnamese ,Chinese and north-koreans.

3. A man that is feared in China and in North Korea, because he is comming to kick their asses.

4. A perfect guy for the job.

5. a guy that can perfectly handle a chain gun or minigun.

6. A man that makes some guy named Kim in north korea to go hide in a hole because he is scared and just wet his pants.

7. A man that can kill a man before he can screem.

8. some muscly veteran that lives in the U.S.A. .

9. A guy that wears a red piece of stripped of clothing as bandana ,given to him from his vietnamese girlfriend.

10. A guy that will defend Taiwan against China.

11. An alternative to nuclear or atomic weapons.
1. When trouble calls you and you don't know what to do , don't call 911.

Call Rambo, because he'll make sure that they don't call back!

2. "Don't mess with me! i got Rambo on my side"
by danny3635 July 31, 2005
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V. One versus many (beers).
If one man has to combat multiple beers without the help of allies.
The keg was leaking and no one was available to help, eston had to do a rambo.
by Robert Krauss September 8, 2007
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