Rambo is the ultimate warrior, look at this man in the wrong way and he will gut you with his little finger.
Rambo and the Colonel took down the Russian army.
by Jonny3k November 17, 2004
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A sex position where two females in the doggy-style position are in front of the male, facing away at oppsosite 45 degree angles. The male grabs a pony tail in each hand and intercourse commences. The females stay in the same place. The term "rambo" is coined because rambo holds one gun in each hand.
"Dude, convinced those two girls from class to do the Rambo Train with me, shit was so cash."
by USSoldier239 March 11, 2010
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rambo has a couple meanings

1. verb - to use extreme force on a certain object or person

2. another word for intense or crazy

"dude your mom was so good last night." "Shut up before I Rambo you in the face!!"

"hey dude that show last night was so rambo!"
by Trent Westenfelt April 5, 2008
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*A term referring to a person dressed in military clothing and armed to the teeth, inspired by the movie.

*A term referring to a person carrying much quantities of anything.
"People call me Rambo even though I only wear military fatigues and don't have so much as an assault-rifle."
by Dave September 13, 2004
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adj. to have intercourse with a female virgin, and draw First Blood

adv. the act of doing the Rambo
adj. She's a virgin, I'm gonna fuck her Rambo!

adv. I, Nasty Nate, just found out that Sally just turned 17. I am going to go Rambo on her ass!
by BAD LT November 20, 2004
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rambo: Adv. - An unreasonably audacious or ballsy move, play or maneuver.
I saw some chick peeing off the side of a roof... That shit was rambo.
by w00tard April 5, 2010
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