Great tool primarily used for cutting flesh and plant tissue. It's use has gone down since the invention of the gun.
Get me the knife, I need to see my ex.
by Iamawesomedog March 31, 2018
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A term that falls under the umbrella term of Red Zebra. Anyone who uses this term in the context of Red Zebra, is conveying how pissed they are with a specific person.
Person 1: Are you ok?
Person 2: Red Zebra, Knife.
Person 1: What? Why?
Person 2: Brian pissed in my cheerios!
by 70RedZebra's March 1, 2022
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A sharp object used for killing people who don't do as they're told.
I got a new knife at the store today. It's very sharp and should be good for killing.
by Bloodbath 87 March 6, 2009
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To knife somebody is when a mans penis gets shoved like a knife into somebody vagina.
That knife was facinating
by Agfhdkyebsnajshsn January 7, 2017
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A stabby thingy in your kitchen or in your purse NO BITCH IT IS A SHARP FUCKING BLADE THAT CAN HURST PEOPLE SO PUT THE GUNS AWAY AND MEET 2016 AND GET A KNIFE.thank you have a nice day
Dumbass: did u see that stabby thingy that she cut me with.

Me: a knife

Dumbass: yah that

Me: walks away comes back "POOF" no more dumbass RIP
by Bluea123 December 20, 2016
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A Knife is Something i want to plunge into my chest
I wanna plunge a Knife into my chest
by Yenisstupid August 23, 2022
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A knife is something that shouldn't be brought to a chocolate fight.
by Hoochiecoochieman April 17, 2010
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