John Moses Browning (01/23/1855-11/26/1926), one of the most prolific and successful firearms designers in history, with over 126 firearms-related patents to his name. He designed more weapons still in production today than any other firearms designer of his time. Responsible for the Browning Automatic Rifle (favorite weapon of both Clyde Barrow of Bonnie & Clyde fame and Frank Hamer, the Texas Ranger who took Clyde down), the Browning M2 heavy machine gun (still on active duty with the US Army), the Browning Hi-Power automatic pistol (still in production through Fabrique National of Belgium), the Colt M1911 A1 ACP autopistol that used his slide operation (still in production by Springfield Armory, and up until a couple of years ago the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle.
John M. Browning's excellence in weapons design is proven by the fact that his weapons are still in production a hundred years after they were first introduced.
by John Dunkelburg January 25, 2009
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While making a Bowel Movement, the act of pushing out a particularly difficult piece of shit much like in giving birth when the baby is crowning in this case the shit would be, hence the term "browning"
After Metcalfe had been constipated for weeks, when she finally went to make a bowel movement, it felt like she was browning for at least 3 minutes.
by Gabe from Wilmington June 18, 2011
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In poker when someone takes a large pot by beating a very good hand by a hand just slightly better.
Jason had a full house of aces and 8s and was certain he would win the biggest pot of the night, but then Robert browned him with aces and 9s. That was an epic browning.
by NonSequiterRex November 03, 2012
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The male equivalent of scissoring: When two males mash their buttholes together for sexual pleasure.
When my partner and I make love, we express our feelings for each other in the intimate act of browning.
by George Rho January 10, 2012
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To browse the Internet on your mobile phone or iPod device while taking a sloppy brown shit
Guy 1: I just found this bitching website on my iPhone while i was browsing, taking a shit

Guy 2: dude, you were browning in there?

by Slanguy85 September 04, 2011
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