4 definitions by Charles Saucedoom

Rambo removed the man's throat by hand.

Rambo killed more than 200 men with a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun.

by Charles Saucedoom February 23, 2008
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Those who come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

They usually drive their ships to new lands to fight some hordes with treshing oar and shit.

Their only goal is the western shore.
Billy: They actually wrote a song about immigrants?
Molly: The 70's sucked!
by Charles Saucedoom January 17, 2008
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An action videogame released in the year 2008 that doesn't live up to its name.
Billy: Look Molly I bought the new Turok game!

Molly: You stupid fuck.

Billy: Aw Molly!
by Charles Saucedoom March 19, 2008
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