A metal bunk bed used in millitary barracks, or often in jails.
This term is used by marines, or correctional officers.
Correctional Officer: All inmates get on your racks for count and prepare for chow!
by Gsxrkidd November 05, 2010
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To injure oneself in a gruesome manner in which the testicles are crushed and/or have much pressure applied. It is common for all onlookers to burst into spontaneous fits of malicious laughter.
by QuiveringSpleen March 28, 2003
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Truck or other vehicle with a ladder-type frame
I will fix your rack if you'll take old Jack, my dog.
by HarborLights June 14, 2011
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Look at all this shit i racked from the servo.

Look at that shitcunt he cant rack for shit.

Look at him go he's racking like a champion
by Fathead(Steven Kay) Rackmaster September 24, 2007
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To sleep. Usually referring to sleeping in an inappropriate place, such as in school, on the floor, during a movie, etc., but can be used to describe any sleeping situation.
"How did that movie end? I was racked the whole time."
"I'm exhausted. I'm going to go home and rack."
"Everyone check out Sam, he's racked on the ground right now."
by beautysleep January 08, 2012
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Rack (verb): To strike a male in the groin, specifically in the testicles. Despite the highly painful results, the term 'rack' generally expresses playful, friendly, or prankish intentions. Though its origins are unknown, it is suspected to have grown from the common billiards term, to rack ("rack up") the balls for the striker.
"Jon stole my last soda, but I racked him, so it all evened out."

"The golf ball ricocheted off the tree and racked Frank, causing him to keel over in the midst of his laughing friends."
by GBC The Box February 06, 2010
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