1. To be stoned or high out of ones mind by the means or weed.
2. To look very muscular and built.
3. To take information off a portable device. Usually a CD.
1. Dude, you were totality ripped off that bong.
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger was ripped back in the day.
3. Bob ripped the music off the CD and put it on his computer.
by Tris_tan September 3, 2007
Correction being ripped doesnt have to mean alot of muscle, you can have a little muscle but have VERY low bodyfat, making your muscles look super defined.
i wanna get a ripped body
by punkassbitch December 11, 2004
Term used when one is stoned, off their faces or off their tits
Good god u were ripped last night
by Trill October 18, 2001
man, he's ripped
by SenorBalls September 22, 2003
To be totally wasted; esp. from high-potency prescription drugs like oxycodone and/or hydrocodone.
{Angie}: Mom, you're totally ripped! Get your face out of your dinner plate! And put that coffee down -- you've already busted three coffee cups by dropping them!
They're cups of coffee for Christ sakes not bongs!
by Telephony July 13, 2014