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A state of mind in which methamphetamine intake has occured to beyond the point of tweeking.
I was so fucking twacked.
by Richard Deep February 26, 2003
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Originated in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2000. When you've done too much tweak to the point where you are useless to the world. When you are so spun that you are get caught in the same repetitive motion until you run out of crank.
Damn, Tamara's been working on that crossword book for 3 days straight, someone take her dope away, she's twacked the f&#^ out.
by Ziggity February 21, 2005
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When ample amount of meth is induced into the system and all reality becomes a back seat driver to meth. and no matter what your gonna be late to everything.
jaime must be twacked out because he said he would be here in fifteen minutes. He must have his hands in his fish tank re arranging it ...AGAIN
by jgiddy99 December 03, 2004
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Spun,Kreveled,amped,tweaked another term to day that you're all messed up on meth
I smoked all this glass and I was so twacked, I didn't sleep for days
by There February 27, 2004
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Twacked is the term that describes coming down from amphetamines after the more pleasurable effects have worn off. After that amazing feeling, the one where every word that comes out of your mouth feels like it's made of silver, the feeling where your every thought and emotion become the most important thing in the world, or when you feel like all of your buddies are clinging to your every syllable like it's their life support (and you do the same to theirs).

It's that amazing feeling but the complete opposite.

Every word is forced, every thought muddy and brown, your friends no longer seem to have any concern for you, your tired but you cannot sleep, your hungry but eating brings only the feeling that your swallowing a whole apple, this is being twacked. When your twacked you become nothing more than a zombie. You have no soul or feelings. In this state your emotions are brown and muddy, usually non-existant.
Although I've never tried meth or speed. I have been twacked after nights of more adderall than I can count. Being twaked is an amphetamines equivalent of a hangover. It's the reason I've never bought adderall and have only done it on occasions where it was free. It's the reason I'll never try meth. It's the reason my preferred amph is XTC. It provides the greatest sensation of ecstasy (hence the name) with the most tolerable come down.
by ~~Smoke weed every day~~ December 02, 2007
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