RACK risk aware consensual kink
It knowing the risks you take in certain BDSM play. RACK
by Mistress Debi September 20, 2013
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To chop up (with a razor blade) and prepair a line of cocaine for sniffing.
1. Rack up another cocaine line for me.
2. If you want another kiss, you'll have to rack another line.
by Lemmy April 08, 2003
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A complete set of human breasts, ready for use by the male of the species
Johnny:"hey dude your sister has a nice rack. Mind if I cop a feel"
Xavier"wait a minute I'll just go ask her..."
(2 minutes later)
Johnny: dude, what did she say?
Xavier: (plunging a kitchen knife into Johnny's left eye socket) she said I should stab you in the eye, you fuckin pervert! DIE YOU FUCKEN DOG CUNT!!!
Johnny: Arrrghhh....uunhh... (gurgle)
by skumliterati March 12, 2015
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