Driving around with your friends and/or bitches, bumping music, having a good time, and hopefully picking up some more bitches.
Chase and I went mobbing last night and picked up some hoes.
by ryan November 20, 2003
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Bullying (mobbing) is an extreme form of social stressors at work. .

Unlike normal social stressors, workplace bullying (mobbing) is a long lasting (at least 6 months), escalated conflict with frequent harassing actions (at least every week), systematically aimed at a target person and carried out by colleagues, supervisors or subordinates
by LuisSamora August 19, 2006
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Also known as 'workplace bullying'. Mobbing is when a group of jealous individuals who can't measure up to your skill level decide to bully you. It's in reference to a behavior exhibited in animals. Usually the group in question will start stealing your work and trying to pass it off as their own yet never measuring up to your quality. The bosses and co-workers tend to favor you and these workers resent that. They then use both subtle and obvious techniques to try to force you to leave/quit or to make your life intolerable while in the environment. They will critisize your work which the bosses praise yet they will find fault in it all the while attempting to steal parts of it. They will accuse you of things you never did to try to make you look bad to get power and control over you and other workers, They will sit in their little group and pat eachother on the back for eachother's inferior work all the while ignoring yours. They will tell other people to stay away from you and that youre bad news so no one will support you or your work.. They are relentless. The best thing you can do is completely ignore them or leave the company.
They were so envious I was always chosen they had to start mobbing me to gain control and not feel so inferior and powerless because they couldnt measure up.
by mobcs February 12, 2008
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Mobbing is a term used to describe group bullying in which one or more employees covertly attack another. Mobbing and bullying consist of psychological and emotional terrorism in which the target or victim is driven into a helpless position. One person—the victim--becomes the focus of scapegoating, rumor, and innuendo. The victim is badgered, intimidated, and humiliated. This occurs through persistent, targeted, hostile behavior (verbal and nonverbal) designed to undermine the integrity of the victim. Deprecating rumors are created. The goal is to ostracize, isolate, and eliminate the victim. Offenders participate in character assassination, humiliation, and disruption.
After being victimized at work by mobbing, she left work and went into a deep depression.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
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to mob is to drive around town. it doesn't even matter the type of car you drive, just the fact that you are driving. mobbing can be done by stoners, preps, outcasts, cheerleaders, nerd, or whom ever wants to.
<On the phone> Hey what are you doing?
<Answers back> Oh just mobbing around? You?
by ghetto gossip girl July 10, 2009
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to go tagging, preferably with your krew members, non-stop, for a period of time.
Jon and i went mobbing in the allys last night
by SoApS PES April 08, 2006
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