a word that can be used in any and all situations. can be used to express any and all emotions.
oof, your dog died? mega.
we got first place? mega.
there's an exam tomorrow? mega.
we droppin tilted towers? mega.
you still own a fidget spinner? mega.
you play the kazoo? mega.
your girlfriend is a plastic rat? mega.
by megawhip December 5, 2018
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a term specifically used by a small select group in the north west of england to desribe when something or indeed someone is really good, amazing and/or wonderful, etc. The best thing since sliced bread.
'ah thats mega mate'

'have you seen her new hair? It's mega!'
by G-Pirate July 11, 2006
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v. very, really, extremely. Sometimes used for more emphasis.
1. That's mega awesome, man!

2. Jeff, making out with that tree was just mega wrong.
by XhYsTeRiAX September 2, 2005
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Synonym for excellent or brilliant. Also likened to the word 'huge'. Complimentary adjective.
That car is mega! That's mega!
by Susan1 August 4, 2005
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very or extremely.
That pic of us was mega cute.
We are qoinq to have mega fun toniqht.
by MissAirdnolaj July 13, 2009
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when someone is known round lots of areas.
manz tink he mega.
i am so mega every(gyal)heard of me
by Latrishe May 2, 2005
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as of 12/13/06 to be extremely horrible at a certain activity.
"You're such a mega, you couldn't handle that kind of game even if your life depended on it."
by chiefX December 13, 2006
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