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the state of mind achieved by smoking weed while on amphetamines of some kind

combination of the terms ripped and twacked
I took 60mg of Adderall this morning and just smoked a blunt; I'm straight racked!
by hallucinog3n April 06, 2009
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a term used to describe ganja that refuses to stay lit in the bowl; similar to a flat tire, the weed does not "roll" properly
I just smoked a bowl of flat tire weed; I had to light it ten times!
by hallucinog3n September 26, 2009
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The description of a state of mind that is beyond high. More extreme variation on the term "chopped".
That 6-gram blunt got me woodchipped for hours
by hallucinog3n September 29, 2009
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...broke my car speakers
I thought I was having a seizure until I turned off that dubstep track
by hallucinog3n June 05, 2011
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the top definition of this word on this site. (see above)
The person who made that ridiculous list must be retarded.
by hallucinog3n March 27, 2010
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