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home of phiwl hudson an genuine dirt hole so no wonder he turned out how he did
by Ben December 6, 2004
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Sum1 who has a fadge-like face
1.My brother tom has a fadge face
2.look at my fadge face
by Ben April 13, 2005
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a male, usually from southwestern australia, with a well known prowess in the bedroom.
What an anaconda
by Ben March 27, 2003
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"Ben got fucked hard anal by bernard all last night
by Ben February 24, 2005
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When you run out of "intellegent" things to say, you add this to a sentence.
"Maybe we could take my Dad's car to the lake this weekend, and make out, and stuff."
by Ben December 11, 2003
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Simply, in all the meaning of the word, God.

Master of time, space, and dimension.

Master of all things awesome and sweet.



Someone who travels to Europe and enjoys custard.
"Wow, that kid is so anshutz"
by Ben November 9, 2004
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