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that girls ass is da shit
by Ben December 17, 2004
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1: Creator of the '1337' Language. Also, the most fluent speaker of '1337'. (See 'leet' more information)

2: Nightelf rogue on the Stormreaver WoW server.

3: A sound often made by those who are surprised, excited, or scared.
'Eep sure is good at speaking leet!'

'I just got ganked by some rogue named Eep...'

'*monster ravages little town*'
-Little girl- 'Eep!'
by Ben March 3, 2005
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One individual who scaliwages anothers port hole by force.
RRRRR! Pull down your pants and show me your poop deck so I can scaliwage your port hole or you can walk the plank to Davy Jones locker.
by Ben June 5, 2004
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what those guys in Happy Harry's do to all the hood rats
yo, did you rock drawers last night
by Ben November 3, 2003
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The paranoia beast is a many-headed, many-horned, invisible beast that descends upon a group of stoners as they slide into mashedness and causes them all to suspect each other of pretty much anything. Repeated exposure to the paranoia beast causes long-term psychosis, and can lead to complete insanity, during which the victim is unable to trust anyone or anything, and is permanently haunted by the beast night and day, when every creak, every knock, every minute sound is the beast's footsteps.
Stoner 1: Is Kenny okay? He's got that strange look in his eyes....
Stoner 2: Looks like he's being visited by the Paranoia Beast. Give him a bit, he'll come round.
Kenny: (Growls)
by Ben November 27, 2005
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Usually used when refering to paintball. when you someone sneeks up on you and shots you 5 times point blank because you SUCK!!!
That noob just got bunkerd.
by Ben March 12, 2004
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