a rather large set of boobs that are fun to stare at.
Dude, i can just sit here and stare at her nice rack all day
by superbuddy April 10, 2003
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1)Set of big titties
2)to steal from
3)a thousand dollars
1)My girl has the biggest rack at school
2)I racked mad cans from home depot today
3)ill give you a rack if you steal me a car
by whos ya daddy August 24, 2006
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usally means a pair of nice tities but also means a thousand dollars.
1.she had a nice rack on her.
2.That scraper is only worth a rack or less.
by Victoria916 September 09, 2006
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Money in the denomination of thousands.

Big ass tits
How much you pay for those rims. 3 racks.

Look at the rack on that girl.
by Mike Broward county September 30, 2011
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"It costs at least a rack to get slugged out with plattinum, ya dig."
by *RIP ca$h* May 04, 2007
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A big chest on a small frame
my girlfriends cousin has a nice rack and i'd like to tap her
by Friendly Tourist August 14, 2004
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