Plastic/metal/glass instruments placed over the eyes to block out harmful UV rays.

Celebrities use them to diguise themselves as normal people. Normal people use them to digsuise themselves as celebrities.
"Check out the new sunglasses I bought! They protect my eyes while making myself appear to be rich."
by Emily December 24, 2004
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dark shaded coverings for your eyes so you can look at women on the beach without them knowing.
She came over and slaped me 'cause I got too caught up to remember not to turn my head!
by no March 13, 2005
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Dark-tinted glasses, worn for a variety of reasons.
1: If it's a bright day.
2: If you have been given a black eye and want to conceal it.
3: You are making a (not-very-good) attempt to conceal your identity.
4: You are a complete tit who thinks wearing sunglasses makes you look like a gangster or a pop star or something.
"Why does Sunglasses Roy wear shades even when it's dark? Does he think it's cool?"

"Er, no. He's actually an alien with red eyes and doesn't want anyone to see them".
by Stormsworder April 2, 2007
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Euphemism for erection, used on the Muse website by adorers of Matt Bellamy when looking at pictures of him with an erection.
Oh my god! Sunglasses alert!! I love that pic of Matt's sunglasses!! He must have been really pleased to see some lucky girl!!
by matthewslover April 8, 2005
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A fancy word for very fancy sunglasses. Mainly worn by high fashion moms. Word created by the modern day Picasso, S. Miranda
Person 1: Wow those shades look expensive. They must be sunglassers.
by sadsadsters October 8, 2017
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The adjective to describe the behaviour one uses towards another that best resembles between 'fuck you' and 'deal with it'.
When someone gives you that smirk of 'deal with it' , you'll know it.
Can also be expressed using the 'sunglasses emoji'.
Me: 'Today I worked overtime coz I was piled with tasks and my co-worker knew well about it, but didn't help and instead finished earlier to get home.'

My mate: 'You just got sunglassed!

Me:' I what?'
by chakosquegee June 6, 2020
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Sunglasses are a must if you want to look cool. The Bigger The Better. You can't go wrong with oversized plastic sunglasses.
LOOK! i'm wearing oversized sunglasses maybe i'll be mistaken for a REAL celebrity!
by !~!~!~! July 6, 2005
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