getting hit in the nuts really hard, most often occurs when meter hopping, pole hopping, and harrassing beautiful women that want nothing to do with you. often followed by nust
i was meter hopping the other day and didn't quite hop a meter and got racked really hard
by Assitch March 14, 2004
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the state of mind achieved by smoking weed while on amphetamines of some kind

combination of the terms ripped and twacked
I took 60mg of Adderall this morning and just smoked a blunt; I'm straight racked!
by hallucinog3n April 6, 2009
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To steal something, or take something from someone

Poor ass'd fags are normally the culprits of racking something

see taxed also
Person 1: Hey dude I just went and racked Habib's Skyline

Person 2: Your fully sick uleh
by Pj-Marshal November 20, 2006
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To have large breasts.
Man, that fat computer geek sure is racked!
by Janis September 26, 2004
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when ur sk8ing and go to hit a rail and lose the board and nail ur balls on it
due i went to 5-0 on the rail yesterday and racked myself
by tjc April 24, 2006
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to be intoxicated to the point of not being able to move
Man, I was racked last night.
by peacefulpymp April 13, 2004
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the sweetest band this world has ever seen
did you see that racked show lastnight? damn it was sweet
by teh ezakire January 16, 2008
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