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1. Verb: To purchase is to buy something.
2. Adjective: Describes something that is worth buying
1. Can I purchase some weed please?
2. Those shoes were a purchase, they were only £30!
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
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to purchase something is to take something without paying for it. this is also know as stealing.
girl 1: i'm so hungry
girl 2: buy some food then
girl 1: i aint got any money
girl 2: purchase some food then
by fishalong April 10, 2007
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Bristol uk. to recieve something. to own.
'...can i get a bit of purchase on that reefa?'
by Von July 15, 2003
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I've purchased the software...
Did you purchase that song yet?
by lol omg seriousweh September 10, 2005
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