35 definitions by Aidan Brooks

A game played when toking whereby each person has to take a toke and then hold their breath until the joint gets back to them.
That PPG fucked me up man, let's taxi the rest of that joint
by Aidan Brooks May 31, 2005
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Police, cops, feds etc. Goons meaning idiots or disliked people, and blue from the colour of their uniform and sirens
Jokes blud, I just saw bare blue goons go past
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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£10 worth of weed, one sixteenth of an ounce or 1.75g
That tens was pretty chung
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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Verb: To steal, theive, jack, merk etc. Usually used within the chav regions of Kent/Essex/South London border (Bexleyheath, Dartford)
Blud you just chorred my fags
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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Verb: To purchase drugs, or "score". Usually referring to the purchase of weed
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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(Adj) A way of describing a situation in which someone or something could potentially be merked to the extreme
Haha look at that little prick over there, come we go merk him. Yea merktastic!!
by Aidan Brooks June 3, 2005
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(Adj): Quest is the most intense of all the words describing a journey. It would be considerably more treacherous than a mish or a trott, as it will probably entail passing several ghettos beofre arriving at the destination. Tread with care, he who dares partake.
The party's supposed to be in Amsterdam man. Where are we now? Yorkshire. Quest!!!!!!
by Aidan Brooks June 4, 2005
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