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hot twitch streamer who gives me a big bone dat i jerk to
Did you jerk off to pokimane today?
by blackexellence December 29, 2017
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The name of a slut or very boring person who hides behind a facade and mask showing not their true self
by Life is pain existence is pain November 11, 2019
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The thiccckquest stream ever
John:Lets watch pokimane!
Eric:โ€ขgets lotion and tissuesโ€ข
by Subscribe to ZDub March 28, 2019
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A sexy ass twitch streamer whos got a thicc ass and makes me bust a huge nut on my monitor after I come home from school everyday
Did you bust a nut to Pokimane again?
by CharrDino May 31, 2018
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Queen of e girls on the platform Twitch. Here is a list of her achievements after a long reign as the top female streamer.

N word โœ“
Preaches body positivity despite photoshopping pictures โœ“
Claims to have no control over her fanbase obsessing over her being "THICC" yet photoshops pictures to make her ass look bigger โœ“
Claims to have no control over chat seeing her ass when she specifically draws attention to it when walking away and outright refuses to use a simple "brb" screen โœ“
Acts like she's simultaneously the world's biggest victim and greatest hero for streaming once without make up. โœ“
Claims to support female streamers and then goes on to degrade them and call them titty streamers โœ“
Calls out twitch thots despite using the same predatory tactics to draw in thirsty guys, using the "girlfriend experience" variant instead of "titty streamer" โœ“
Leads on "best friend" for content โœ“
Creates an alt Twitter to vaguepost talking shit about her "friends" and circlejerking how smart she is โœ“
Stream snipes Tyler1 the day he gets unbanned and steals his champion despite never playing it and then later claiming she never stream sniped and it was all a coincidence โœ“
Cuts the client in OBS when playing League so chat can't tell that she's actually playing normal games despite putting her rank in the title โœ“
Be one of the only people that RPs with cam on because she hemorrhaged viewers without it and is incapable of carrying a stream on personality alone โœ“
wow i really wish i had the amount of self love and delusion to get to the top like pokimane!
by imane anus May 31, 2019
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a streamer who likes to give us joy by showing us her 'awesomeness'
pokimanes streams suck
by hypnoshark January 29, 2019
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