A garment worn by children when their mother is cold.
"Timmy, there is a chill out, put on a sweater."

"But I'm not cold..."
by KPalicz January 2, 2007
An article of clothing women wear to expose the size of there breast's!
Craig: Wow that Kiersten can really fill out a Sweater if you know what I mean!
Chad: Yeah kinda like Jim in a speedo wow he has such an amazing cock!
Craig : Dude why would you bring that up?
Chad: Cause I like Jim's big cock!
Craig: Dude your sick!
by SlopNChop February 8, 2017
sweater someone who sweats so much even when it cold.
sean was such a sweater today
by ya boi cian December 22, 2018
someone who follows someone else wherever they go
by Anonymous June 3, 2003
(Actually a verb)
To ride an albino rhinocerious to the local Asian food market.

I called Jerry and told him to sweater over there, pronto; they were having a sale on tofu.
by UberBadger October 9, 2006
A code word used for drugs to avoid causing suspicion.
by Spirrow March 25, 2008