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An incredibly blessed child of God. Audrey is both noble and full of strength.
The girls were in awe of Audrey.
by AudreyS February 03, 2010
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An absolutely flawless girl who is beautiful inside and out. She keeps you laughing until your sides split with her crude and dirty sense of humor. Has many friends both boys and girls, usually most girls are jealous of her sexy legs and ass, which you could bounce a quarter off of, and her incredible peircing blue eyes. She is a nice girl with a bubbly personality who loves to have fun.
Guy 1: "Dude I met this girl last night. She was incredible!! I can't get her out of my mind!"
Guy 2: "She must have been an Audrey then!"
by shackadoahh123 October 17, 2010
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The most amazing girl in existence. She's extremely beautiful and is very smart. The kinda girl that you can't get off your mind and makes you instantly smile when you talk to her.
Audrey, will you be mine?
by Sheikey January 29, 2010
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She is very loud and obnoxious and is never shy to anyone. She is crazy and always hyper. Sometimes she can be annoying, but not all the time. She is a small girl. She has a lot of siblings and always goes outside. She can never sit and do nothing. She is always bored and never knows what to do. If you get on her bad side, you won't be there long.
Me: Audrey what do you wanna do?

Audrey: I don't know.
by wolf12345678 February 26, 2018
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A girl who is a bad ass and a SUPER kool kat.
"God, that girl is so cool"
"Yeah her name is Audrey"
"Of course, that is why she such a bad ass"
by koolkat27 November 29, 2011
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Audrey is a very beautiful girl who is unique, kind and funny. She is known to be extremly gorgeous and very very very intelligent.
Woh! shes perfect! her name must be audrey!
by ilovezachary February 10, 2010
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Audrey is your best friend. She will be at your side through thick and thin, and once you are best friends with Audrey you are friends forever. Audrey is a beautiful person inside and out. She is tall with hips TO DIE FOR!! Not to mention her sweet ass which everyone is jealous of. She knows how to hold everyone captivated when she talks and will always say the right thing. Anything Audrey says will be worth listening to. Audrey loves exploring, especially in forests. When it's party night with the gals, you can bet Audrey will be the life of the party! She is very good at hiding her feelings and will put others before herself ALWAYS!
Girl: I'm so upset lately, I don't know what to do..
Audrey: Don't worry, I will always be here for you. Count on my for anything
Girl: :)
by Not Audrey May 14, 2013
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