A person with an absolute massive dong that will not simp if their life depends on it
that person is a uk
by NERF THIS June 02, 2020
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A country I live in, which has more accents than Cockney, Mancunian and Upper class idiot, has no county called Devonshire,and actually has a type of football you play with your feet. We also know how to resolve personal issues without guns, lawyers or therapists. We do not have similar accents to Australians, so get it right. A useful piece of information for non-Uk people- Hugh Grant should not be taken as a standard Englishman.
"Hi, I'm from the UK." "oh, do you live in London?"
a phrase that drives people mad world over.
by itsacountryacceptit April 08, 2005
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The UK is short for United Kingdom. The UK and the USA are great friends. The UK has a Queen that all citizens of the USA think highly of. The UK also had a Princess Diane, Princess Diane had questionable morals and some think Prince Charles made a bad mistake, we all hope that the offsprings turn out ok. The USA and the UK are fighting terrorism together. Tony Blair is the prime minister of the UK and displays much courage. The UK had a great leader during WWII, Winston Churchill he too displayed much courage.
The UK and the USA have much in common.
by takethathill August 20, 2006
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short for "you know" similar to ik(i know)
guy1: remember that skank at the store last week? uk the one i mean

guy2: ...like it was yesterday. XP
by emuluver July 10, 2008
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from the Japanese verb 'ukeru' (receive) it's used in anime/manga and fanfiction for the "bottom" or "passive" in a wordyaoi/word/wordshounen-ai/word (male/male) relationship.
Generally the shorter, cuter, sweeter of the two... generally.
See wordseme/word for more info.
I'm a uke!
by Alexi Dalziel August 12, 2003
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The male in a yaoi relationship that's usually the bottom, and recieves it instead of giving it.
Rei Ryugazaki.
"Oh man, he's totally a uke!"
"As uke as Rei Ryugazaki? Impossible!"
by Aurora Flynn December 12, 2014
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