Something that is really easy to do, yet guys complain how hard it is by telling themselves "oh she's way out of my league" or "she'll just reject me" To learn why these negative thoughts never get you anywhere see Elliot Rodger

Tips on how to talk to girls:

1.) Confidence is key, if you don't care what anyone else thinks you'll be great with the ladies
2.) Accept rejection, it happens and you move on to the next girl
3.) Maintain your hygiene and keep up your personal appearance daily
4.) The more you talk to girls, the better you get
5.) Realize that there will eventually be a girl that likes you and says "Yes" to your coffee date offer
6.) Be yourself and don't be desperate. Honesty is the best policy
Guy: I'm talking to girls
Friend: Nice! I wish i could do that
Guy: Yet it's easy, as NIKE says "Just Do It"
Friend: I should try that! Maybe i'll find a girlfriend!
by kingbeethey September 26, 2015
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This is the person who basically is the talkative one they’ll be the one person in class who always makes jokes or talks when the teacher says something and is like a pick me girl but for not just a boy but everyone.
I think she’s a talkative girl all she does is crack jokes or act like a pick me girl.
For example: (teacher says): let’s start in our journals for logical science
(Talkative girl) or maybe make some logical sense.
(Class): {laughs}
A talkative girl is defined by: being the class clown & pick me girl
I define a class talkative girl as some one who talks to much
by Bella (girl with a point) August 16, 2021
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