The way people changed goods before money was invented.
Money was invented because it was hard to get the goods one wanted with barter.
by Kalium September 05, 2006
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V. (-ed) to burp and fart simultaneously (at the same time)
Tim: Yo, dumbass, what was that?

Clark: Oh, my bad, I bartered
by Mark Cav April 10, 2006
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another word for tired/knackered

mostly used by the posh
I am so bartered after tht sesh
by beatrice hatty June 28, 2021
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Ugly (as in not good looking).
Normally directed towards people.
Used in innner London.
"She is barters son"
(She is ugly)
by xJustinx August 15, 2006
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(v). to offer a BJ or BJs in exchange for merchandise.
Jow was bartering with AG to get the Reactor he had been wanting.
by noice87 January 27, 2012
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1. A mutual agreement during a date that bereaves the female member from any sexual favor obligation.

2. Voiding or negotiating all debts outstanding by the female personage during a romantic heterosexual encounter.
"Lindsay paid for parking and I bought the movie tickets. By all means, it was a successful tartar barter.
by Dr. Emmett L. Brown July 18, 2005
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