The way people changed goods before money was invented.
Money was invented because it was hard to get the goods one wanted with barter.
by Kalium September 5, 2006
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V. (-ed) to burp and fart simultaneously (at the same time)
Tim: Yo, dumbass, what was that?

Clark: Oh, my bad, I bartered
by Mark Cav April 11, 2006
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The drunkest human to ever walk or crawl on this planet
-Who’s that idiot
- Oh that’s just barter
by Dancingzebra656555 November 23, 2021
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another word for tired/knackered

mostly used by the posh
I am so bartered after tht sesh
by beatrice hatty June 28, 2021
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Ugly (as in not good looking).
Normally directed towards people.
Used in innner London.
"She is barters son"
(She is ugly)
by xJustinx August 15, 2006
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(v). to offer a BJ or BJs in exchange for merchandise.
Jow was bartering with AG to get the Reactor he had been wanting.
by noice87 January 27, 2012
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(verb) The acquisition of money, drugs, or other products and favors in exchange for sexual services which most oftentimes include anal sex.
The old man began to tell some of the neighborhood children about a simpler time he remembered as he sat on his porch. “Now I ain’t calling anyone a prostitute or anything” Uncle Roger began, grinning as he spoke, “But that ol girl Betsy was out here butt bartering before butt bartering was cool. Sheeeeet, I remember back in the day you’d know who was holding the good blow in the neighborhood just from watching where that ho was going to….they’d also have a clean house cause that was ol girl’s specialty. If a person had an eight ball of the good why Betsy’d be putting some of that dirty butt on them and have the house cleaned and squared away by the time the dope was all gone”.
by Nikki Stixx September 6, 2022
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