A man of sumo proportions yet dextrous enough to throw a razor-hat accurately at a hundred yards.
He's the man! The Man with the deadly hat!
A fatal hat!
by UrbaneDictionary May 3, 2003
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Handjob using your weak hand, thumb-side down

Note: Oddjobs can be performed between project members (same project)
She/he/it/they/ze gave me an oddjob at work, in-between two meetings while on my way to the coffee machine
by weirtarantulas August 30, 2022
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1. The character your "now-used-to-be-friend" picks, in GoldenEye 007 (N64), to be an absolute bitch because trying to shoot him is like trying to find God in Los Angeles, near impossible.

2. Henchman to Auric Goldfinger, in Goldfinger (1964), and played by Harold Sakata, Oddjob is super strong and has a fucking lethal Bowler Hat. In fact, Harold Sakata was an American Olympic Weightlifter, and Wrestler, that in the scene where Oddjob cracks a golf ball with his hand, it was an actual golf ball.
1. Friend 1: "I'm going to pick Bond"
Friend 2: "I'll pick Baron Samedi."
Fiend 3: "ODDJOB!"
Friend 1: "I'm taking my fucking cartridge of GoldenEye and myself home."

2. "Oddjob is one of the best henchmen in the James Bond franchise, because of how he added suspense, action, and drama in Goldfinger."
by Kobe's Shaq March 14, 2019
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the husband or prison-bitch of wordMary Pele/word. Leeching money off of her in an attempt to not work a minimum wage job for the rest of his life.
God I'm glad I'm not as pathetic as Oddjob
by :tbear: March 16, 2003
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To jerk off with your thumb facing in, instead of the usual facing out.
Did the ol' oddjob last night, it felt weird.
by TooManyGames November 2, 2006
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A looked-down-upon strategy in multiplayer shooters in which a player plays the whole game while crouching in order to make their opponents aim too high - named for the character Oddjob in Goldeneye 64, whose short stature inspired this strategy.
Brian argued that Joe did not truly win the game, because he only did so through Oddjobbing.
by Raul Menendez July 16, 2014
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Oh my god, I gave Nathan an oddjob pink pwny and he was like tastes like Shafty.
by Phenom19 March 8, 2008
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