Believe what you want, but I honestly consider this the greatest console FPS in existance. My high school buddies and I probably, no lie, spent 500 hours shooting the crap out of each other (Now, now, don't make fun - just play and you'll understand). We even organized a tournament (OK, now you can make fun). It appears kind of clunky to control at first, but once you get the the control scheme you like you start to pick up on the nuances of this, the perfect console FPS (Hah, Halo?! Please). The first time you communicate to your teammate that you'll be there to help fend off the other team's ambush in "ETA, 10 seconds", run up the stairs at the Stacks, grap the Grenade Launcher, and unleash the holy mother of firey hell upon those unsuspecting players below, you'll get it.

No, I'm not a Nintendo Fanboy. I'm not loyal to any next-gen console or company. In fact, I think games have lost most of their soul in the last 5 or so years, no matter the polygon count of your new fighting game. However, GoldenEye is sheer brillance. You need to spend the time with it, true believers. Get some friends hooked. Dust off that old N64, or march on down to your local GameSpot and buy a used one.
And while you're there, pick up the second-best 4-player console game ever created: Super Smash Bros.
by Fred Durst is a tool June 26, 2004
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A game that showed that console fps can compete with fps on pcs. Truely one of the few games that is revolutionary to gaming.
Had a 3 on 1 match last night. I won because I played as Oddjob. Hard to aim at him cause he hovers so low to the ground.
by whuh? November 15, 2004
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The best FPS game ever. EVER. Not Halo or Halo 2, those games fucking blow. A shining beam of light on the Nintendo 64.
Me and my friends used to stay up all night playing Goldeneye in the 5th and 6th grade.
by Spiral Abraxis December 18, 2004
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An amazing company that sells everything from Frogs to Flowers!
Person 1: Hey! Where did you get those flowers?
Person 2: Only from Goldeneye! The best company ever! They let me choose the price.
by Bobby JooJoo July 16, 2018
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1. First Peirce Brosnen bond film. It was ok, but Roger moore still owns Peirce.

2.Name of the uber-shitty opening theme of the Goldeneye movie.

3. Possibly the best consel FPS in existence. Devloped by Rare, it had an awesome single player and an addictive multiplayer mode. Rare eventually came up with a "sequal" to goldeneye, the badass Perfect Dark. The devlopment team of goldeneye left rare, became Free Radical, and created 2 games based on an improved goldeneye engine: Timesplitters, a half-way decent PS2 shooter, and Timesplitters 2, an exclent shooter that feels alot like goldeneye
1. Peirce Brosnen sucks

2. Goooldeneye, i have his weakness!!

3. Dood, lets go play goldeneye!
by Pyro Maniac May 10, 2004
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It is a bleached anus. Antonym: Browneye
I finally got my girlfriend to get rid of her doo-doo brown butt hole. Now she's got a gorgeous Goldeneye I can lick all day.
by pour one November 10, 2011
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1) The first James Bond movie to star Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

2) Considered as one of the best video games on the Nintendo 64
"Best game on the N64? Goldeneye, man!"
by Meik April 2, 2003
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