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ze pink panther diamond has been stolen

how is ze drive back home from san diego?
by sheena fierce September 27, 2009
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The...only it is used when peopel are trying to pull off a fake french accent
That was ze best crossiant ive ever had
by briggitte March 26, 2005
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short for José

>> jo-zé
hey have you seen Zé today?

yeah sure he's over there.
by frederiicao April 27, 2010
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ze-why bother using the word the any more when you can say ze
1:is the pie ready yet
2:no you should be asking is ZE pie ready yet
by alex levy September 20, 2007
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Ze is a gender neutral pronoun. It refers to someone who does not fit into gender binary.
Ze is wearing such a cute shirt!
by mary fuckshit July 21, 2004
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The coolest girl you will ever meet. Ze is the best friend you never knew you needed. She is there for you 24/7, as long as you have food that she can eat. Ze has a banging body and looks hot in hoop earrings, without looking skanky. She brings it like a Knicks cheerleader, but will also pick a fight with the biggest dude in the bar...and win. You will never have leftovers if Ze is around, and your life will be complete.
Dayum, you look hot in that dress, but I bet Ze would look better in it.
by PandaHeat November 05, 2013
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A word that means really cool or amazing.
(Created by Tristy and Lore)
Dude those new shoes are so Ze'!
by adsfdasfsdafdssadfsd March 10, 2009
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