Something that's uniqe, strange, awesome, crazy, or out of the ordinary.
"That lamp is weird."
by CoolCanid December 13, 2015
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A word used by basic, insecure, boring, cookie-cutter ass bitches to describe someone better than them.
Jenna called Tom weird because he skies.
by 123fye February 8, 2017
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Someone who isnt afraid to be themselfs. A person who likes to be humorous and make people laugh. People who like to have a good time. Sometimes weird people are the BEST kinda people.
by potato llama unicorn May 8, 2016
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Some people use this word to bully, or hurt somebody's feelings in a negative way. I take it a different way, I say, "weird is different. different is unique, and unique is amazing.' Overall, weird is unique in so many ways.
I got bullied yesterday, they told me I was weird, and I simply said, "I'm not weird, I'm just me in a unique way!" .
by SunDevilSista April 7, 2015
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normal is very over rated
that girl is acting very weird
by Grace gerhardt March 26, 2016
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Weird is something that doesn't really exist.
Nobody is the same, so everyone is weird. If everyone is weird, than weird is normal.
so, if everyone is weird, nobody is.
by Sarah the cookie November 22, 2015
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As in, 'that's weird'
by zimo August 15, 2004
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