An amazing ska-punk band that has been around since 1993.
99 Red Balloons, Superman, San Simeon, Spokesman, Mable, and a bunch of other great songs. That's Goldfinger for you.
by PunkRockJanks May 17, 2006
When you finger a girls asshole as they pee similar to a golden shower.
Guy 1: Dude I totally went goldfinger on her!
Guy 2: Gross, what the fuck is wrong with you?
by B1tchK1ll3r420 March 18, 2015
A finance jockey that makes money with ease. Started in the trading community and given to those traders that is ridiculously good at beating the market. Not many of them out there
Goldfinger is at it again. He makes money so easly
by Aramak November 2, 2014
A cheat in a novel or manga, manhua and manhwa.( aka what Mc(transmigrator,reincarnator or trash to strong) gets to became Op)😉
Did I just get reborn?
Ding The strongest leveling is activated
Host would you like to accept system
Yes No
Yeay my Goldfinger is on!!!
by Novel Emperor May 21, 2022
When you jam your finger up a fifty year old's butthole.
Theodore: Did you have a sexy romance explosion last night with Margret?
Zoro: Yeah. I fingered a 50 year old's butt.
Theodore: 50 is the golden age, that means you goldfingered her
by COOOCHIE CLOBBERER 69 April 25, 2020
The act in which a Twinkie is used as a battering ram the prime and penetrate the great gold gates that is your partners asshole.
I was really into this girl until she pulled out a box of Twinkies and gave me a Goldfinger
by Yugi M. November 10, 2018
When a man penetrates a woman's vagina with his finger.
Dude, I'd love to give Mary Liz a good Goldfinger!
by Jake v May 15, 2007