A word defining complete pity and sadness, a maximum state of misery. Something that is weaker than it should and could be, something poor in existence.(1)

Also commonly being used at immature and exaggerated deeds.(2)
(1)You never worked any hard, always taking, never giving, nor deserving, and now you dare to beg me in tears for money...
You are pathetic.

(2)My classmate which I invited yesterday stole my 6 year old brother's favorite toy.
by Proch January 31, 2011
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A person who is so stupid that you feel sorry for him.
Albert is the most pathetic man I ever saw in my life...!
by Pakistani Sher January 26, 2007
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everybody who defines themself in an urban dictionary definition.
every other fucking urbandictonary submission that comes in for me to accept or reject. "shes so pretty and smart! what an erin!"
"what a stud, he's such a richard!"

by emilyisreallycool April 7, 2008
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a dirty old man checking out girls in his personal fitness class but saying hes only looking at their belts
no kacie im just looking at your belt not your tits and ass. but in case your wondering there great
by Novoslos December 23, 2003
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A sorry, exhausted, frustrated state of mind, self-inflicted as the result of an obsession with beating one's own score in Facebook's Pathwords game
"It's 6:00 in the morning and you've already played 10 rounds of Pathwords. You're Pathetic!"
by Boss Brian July 12, 2009
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inability to function normally or provide a service that meets basic expectations
He couldnt even barbeque the chicken thighs properly. He was pathetic.

He could'nt take the stro rum. He was pathetic and weak.
by baizewood December 17, 2003
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Anyone who complains at a internet website just so they can get email.
i am pathetic
by Jennifer December 25, 2003
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