Adverb; To be quick, agile in your work, and talented at that. To complete your job or jobs with much efficiency and control that even your boss or higher ups are forced to give you a raise
I dont need to give an example, I was already dextrous in making this damn definiton.
by Freelance McCoy February 1, 2008
Uber-Smart with Dextrous physical capabilities.
Like the 9yr. kid Eric Applebaum from Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Whom was an outsider...with pure innocent's and imagination of a child who feels weird about his special capabilities. As Eric's character is this Uber-Dextrous child that...
by Quantum-Bom March 11, 2008
Self-proclaimed skill whereby an individual claims to posses ability to use both hands equally well for an activity but in reality possesses well below average ability with one or both hands.
Phil claims to be ambidextrous but his all-around lack of dexterity on the baseball diamond certainly explains why he gets the close parking spots. He is clearly handi-dextrous.
by DClark22 August 19, 2011
The defenition of movement describing the gestures of someone engaged in conversation that imply "homie" or "rap-loving" qualities.
by Mike Awesome September 11, 2005
The ability to perform duties with you less dominant hand because your preferred hand has both a beer and a cigarette in it.
That girl must be am-beer-dextrous! She texting with her left and still smokin' and drinkin!
by Jill Hopkins April 24, 2005