Gamer1: Hey did you see pappy? He was crouching soooooo hard!

Gamer1: Hey why is true afk?
Gamer2: He's probably crouching.
by Gatman94 January 2, 2011
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Refers to a group of douches. It is a portmanteau of the words crew and douche. A douche crew.
Renzi and Perelman shouted in unison, "Look at that flock of arrogant pricks."

Maeshal responded, "Yeah, what a crouche."
by Wade Houston January 3, 2008
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What an inmate in prison should do when and if they drop the soap in the shower.

If you bend over, you're practically asking for it. So be smart.

John crouched down to pick up soap he dropped one time, and none of the inmates could get their sorry VD infested penises in John's anus.
by Mr.Sacman June 6, 2009
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A couch bought from IKEA that is no more than 1 foot off the ground.

Damn this crouch, I can't see the tv now because my knees are in the way.

I have to bend down to sit on the crouch.

Is that a dogbed or your crouch?

by Kellibaby October 5, 2008
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To do "The Crouch" is to do a version of the robot dance. It got it's name following it's use by the professional footballer (soccer player for all you yanks) Peter Crouch who has taken it as his trademark goal celebration. What makes it different to the robot and has given it cult appeal is the size of Peter Crouch. The player is 6,6" tall and very slim so when he does the dance it makes for extra commical effect.
"When Crouch scored last night did you notice everyone in the pub doing The Crouch too?"
by DeadlyDave June 13, 2006
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What you call your crotch when sitting on a couch. Sofas and love-seats also fall into the category of a couch.
Be careful where you toss that remote, you almost hit me in my crouch.
by Andros_Z February 8, 2010
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My Crouch itches.
Ima scratch my crouch
She kicked me in the crouch
by fr3sh September 12, 2006
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