The act of constantly bumming food, cigarettes, weed, lighters, or anything they can from friends but never giving it back or repaying them.
"Josh is always leeching off me."
"Yeah he bummed 2 cigs off me and never gave me any back"
"Let's kill him"

by Kitten1013 September 15, 2016
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Leeching (verb) comes from the subject leech. A leecher is a person who are a part of something, but dosent do shit.
He was just leeching the whole school lesson today, he didnt do sht.
by HoneyDoMePlz January 15, 2013
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A girl/guy that sucks on their partners genitals similar to a Leech.
"Did you hear Lily was leeching on Corey AND Jordan?"
"I bet her mouth hurts."
by SuperSpicyBitch December 7, 2011
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When you put a large gauge needle in your forearm vein and pull the syringe out , leaving your vein open and a large stream of blood pouring down your arm.

You then proceed to masturbate with the blood as lubrication. You may only remove the needle after you cum.
can be done with both arms if you have a partner.
"sorry sir my son cant make class today, he was double leeching last night and lost a fair amount of blood"
by Mr Sister Fister February 5, 2015
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1.One who constantly takes from others without giving anything in return.

2.One who constantly copies things from others, such as style, phrases, expressions, and actions.
Ex1.The man is a leech who lives with his friend and has never contributed money for rent, utilities, or groceries.

Ex2.That woman is a leech who gets her whole style from her friends.
by WL23 May 21, 2008
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A toxic, fake friend who hasn’t only clung onto you for personal gain. This includes clout, relationships, attention, other people to later leech onto (so called friends) and for the ability to simply use you. A leech is the worst kind of fake friend; they not only use you, but they suck up everything you have... until they have sucked up all your blood of course.
Cynthia was a leech, she was only nice to you so she could take advantage of you.

Her ex was such a leech, he only dated her so he could get with her friends. Not to mention that he took all her money.
by Thotiana (bust bust) April 30, 2019
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Someone who calls themselves a friend but they only use you until someone better comes along to feed off.
Jasper was such a leech, he would use people for there drugs, money and sex than move onto the next victim to suck dry.
by Glenn Griffiths August 14, 2006
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